Totally Killer: Slasher Movie with Time-Travel Twist Review

“Totally Killer” introduces time-travel in slasher, but fails to fully capitalize on its innovative concept, opting for a conventional approach, leaving viewers yearning for more creativity.

Jamie Hughes, a teenager living in a town haunted by a decades-old serial killer case, is introduced as the protagonist, whose trauma lingers among the residents.

Jamie’s mother, Pam, prepares for violence for over three decades. Halloween night, a mysterious figure appears, setting the stage for slasher elements, but the screenplay surprises with freshness and humor.

Amelia, Jamie’s friend, creates a time machine for a science fair, transporting him back to 1987, just before the Sweet Sixteen Killer’s reign begins again.

The movie explores generational differences through comedic moments, contrasting Jamie’s modern sensibilities with ’80s culture, providing both humor and insight.

The second level delves into Jamie’s parents’ teenage experiences, revealing their flaws and complexities, thereby enriching our comprehension of their characters.

The third level of the story focuses on Jamie’s past attempts to prevent past killings, but it lacks the potential of its time-travel concept.

“Totally Killer”‘s concept allows Jamie to influence the past, but its slasher conventions lead to a disappointing climax.

“Totally Killer” is a unique slasher with a time-travel twist, offering innovative ideas and humor, but not fully maximizing its potential.