The Seven Best Nigerian Films of 2023


Nollywood, once confined to a specific niche, has surged globally, challenging norms and making waves on cinema and streaming platforms.

Evolution of Nollywood

Even though Nollywood had less money and not the best ways to make movies, it has changed and now makes really great movies that people all around the world like.

The movie industry’s expansion shows that it’s moving away from the usual idea people have about African movies.

Notable Movies of 2023

The Trade

Jadesola Osiberu directed this intense drama revealing kidnappers in Lagos and showing how unsafe the city can be. Lots of people watched it on Prime Video.

Mami Wata

A black-and-white masterpiece by CJ Obasi showcased at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Its innovative cinematography signifies a new era for Nollywood, earning the Nigerian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the Oscars.

Gangs Of Lagos

Osiberu directed this exciting movie that explores corruption in Nigerian politics, showing how it affects regular people in local communities. The movie features a group of actors who together make the story even more interesting.

The Black Book

A thrilling movie that fights against the usual idea of violence in Nigeria, featuring famous actors. It quickly became the most-watched film on Netflix worldwide just five days after it came out, making history for Nigerian movies.

Jagun Jagun

A Netflix movie set in the time before the British came to Nigeria, directed by Adebayo Tijani and Tope Adebayo, tells a Yoruba story. It has many actors and is about a young warrior dealing with both war and love.


A Kayode Kasum-directed Igbo language film delving into the South-Eastern Nigerian apprenticeship institution, boasting a star-studded cast that quickly drove box office success.


The movies released in 2023 change how we see Nollywood. They cover different stories and types of movies, showing that Nollywood can compete globally and has a lot of possibilities.