The Deeper Message of Zinoleesky’s “Sakara”

“Sakara” by Zinoleesky Cover Art

“Sakara” by Zinoleesky unveils profound layers beyond its captivating melodies.

The chorus places a strong emphasis on sincerity by singing a “confirm song” as opposed to making meaningless declarations or “sakara.”

The verses reflect on life’s hardships and success, acknowledging the role of time and perseverance in achieving goals.

Zinoleesky shows confidence in his path and brushes off criticism in a subtle way.

The phrase “Koma si enikan, afiwo” highlights the importance of focusing on personal growth and resilience against outside pressures.

Overall, “Sakara” is more than just music; it’s a reflection of authenticity, resilience, and staying true to oneself amidst challenges and criticisms.