The Deeper Message of Wizkid’s “Diamonds” Lyrics | Listen

Wizkid – Diamonds Cover Art

Diamonds bling, but Wizkid remembers where he came from (“ghetto”). He’s been through tough times, but sings of hope (“better days”).

Forget stress, dance to the “gbedu” (music)! Wizkid’s free (“no fella”) with his crew, living it up (no time to waste!).

Negative vibes? Not welcome! Wizkid hustles hard (“Louis V”), proof anyone can shine from the “ghetto jump.”

Like diamonds, your inner light can’t be hidden. Embrace the struggle, let your true self sparkle!

More than a song, “Diamonds” is a party, a hustle, and a reminder: dance through life, believe in yourself, and let your light shine like Wizkid’s diamonds.

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