Rema’s New EP ‘Ravage’: A Review

Remas New EP Ravage A Review

On October 27, 2023, Rema released “Ravage,” his most recent EP.

The EP consists of five tracks that showcase Rema’s versatility and talent.

The first track, ‘Trouble Maker’, is a banger that reflects Rema’s confidence and attitude.

As in the first track, Rema continues the theme in the second one, “DND,” by venting his annoyance at those who put out effort to undermine him.

The third track, ‘Smooth Criminal’, is a tribute to Michael Jackson, one of Rema’s musical influences.

The fourth track, ‘Don’t Leave’, is a romantic song where Rema pleads with his lover not to leave him.

The fifth and final track, ‘Red Potion’, is a sensual song where Rema seduces his lover with his smooth vocals and lyrics.

Overall, ‘Ravage’ is a solid EP that showcases Rema’s growth and maturity as an artist.