New Shows on Apple TV Snoopy & Fraggle Rock Back!

Apple TV
Photo: Apple TV Credited

Get ready for a delightful and enjoyable time this year with Apple TV’s amazing new family favorites! Here’s what you can look forward to:

1. Snoopy’s got a new best bud! Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin brings everyone’s favorite beagle together with the beloved turtle for heartwarming adventures.

2. Fraggles are back and rockin’! Brand new episodes of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock promise more silly songs, zany antics, and gooey fun with your favorite furry friends.

3. Tiny tots, big joy! Sago Mini Friends returns with fresh episodes packed with playful learning and delightful discoveries for your little ones.

Grab the popcorn, gather your crew, and settle in for a year of laughter, love, and awesomeness with Apple TV’s family-friendly treats! Can’t wait to share these cozy moments with you.