New Music: Asake — Only Me | Review

Only Me
Asake’s Only Me Cover Art. Credit: Spotify

Asake is back with “Only Me,” and it’s a self-love banger dripping with sass and attitude. Let’s dissect the track:


Catchy hook: The repetitive “Only Me” chant gets stuck in your head in the best way possible.

Confident lyrics: Asake sings like a boss! He celebrates being all on his own, strong and free, not needing anyone to make him shine.

High-energy beat: The music makes you wanna move! It’s got that upbeat Afrobeat vibe that’s perfect for getting pumped up.

Relatable themes: Asake speaks our truth! We’ve all felt used before, so his song about being your own boss hits home.


Repetitive verses: While catchy, the verses don’t offer much lyrical depth compared to the hook.

Autotune reliance: Asake’s vocals are heavily processed, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Limited range: The song stays within a similar vibe throughout, lacking dynamic shifts or surprises.


“Only Me” is perfect for a summer dance party, but some might find it a bit repetitive and want more from the lyrics.