Movie Review: The Kitchen (2024)

The Kitchen (2024)
DirectorsKibwe Tavares, Daniel Kaluuya
CastKane Robinson, Jedaiah Bannderman, Hope Ikpoku Jr., Ian Wright, Teija Kabs, Cristale, BackRoad Gee
Running Time1:47
Release Date1/19/24 (Netflix)

“The Kitchen” unfolds in a struggling London housing complex, portraying residents’ challenges with utilities and police raids.

Residents of “the Kitchen,” the final housing assistance complex, face legal problems, creating uncertainty about their future.

Izi (Kane Robinson), an employee at a futuristic funeral parlor, symbolizes detachment from the chaos around him.

While exploring a dystopian society, the story focuses on Izi’s personal journey in this harsh world.

Directors Kaluuya and Tavares build a world where impoverished people face obstacles for land development, and death becomes a commercialized affair.

Robinson’s quiet but powerful acting shows Izi’s loneliness and change.

Izi’s connection with Staples (Hope Ikpoku Jr.) becomes a central theme, questioning if Izi can break free from his self-centered mindset.

The movie avoids exaggeration and presents a realistic view of a sadly possible future society.

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