Movie Review: Hundreds of Beavers


“Hundreds of Beavers” is a slapstick comedy film that has become a festival favorite, winning numerous awards and garnering a dedicated fan base. This action-packed adventure combines elements of silent cinema, video game strategies, and Looney Tunes humor to create a uniquely hilarious experience. Join us as we explore why “Hundreds of Beavers” has captivated audiences worldwide.

The Story

In Hundreds of Beavers, we follow Jean Kayak, an eccentric cider distiller living on the Canadian/US border. When his orchard and stills are destroyed by mischievous beavers, he embarks on a comedic journey to rebuild his fortune by hunting and selling their pelts. Along the way, he encounters various furry obstacles like rabbits, raccoons, and wolves.

A Visual Delight

The visual aesthetic of Hundreds of Beavers combines old-timey black and white cinematography, modern animation, and high contrast black & white shots. Filmed in the snowy forests of Wisconsin, the movie captures the beauty of nature with a surreal and absurdist style. Expressive facial close-ups and furry mascot costumes add to the whimsical storytelling, creating a world of endless possibilities.

A Symphony of Gags

At its core, Hundreds of Beavers is a tribute to comedic greats like Buster Keaton and the Keystone Cops. Directed by Mike Cheslik and Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, the film is a technical marvel and a showcase of pure comedy. The cleverly crafted gags constantly surprise the audience with their inventiveness and commitment. From self-contained moments to intricate set-pieces, every scene delivers laughter with the filmmakers’ dedication.

The Evolution of Jean Kayak

As the film progresses, we see Jean Kayak evolve from a clumsy cider distiller to an experienced trapper. Through comedic encounters and mishaps, Jean learns trapping and catches the attention of the owner’s daughter, who is skilled in butchering. Will Jean become a master trapper? Will he earn respect and win the girl? These questions keep the audience engaged in Jean’s funny and unpredictable journey.

The Influence of Video Games

One unique aspect of Hundreds of Beavers is its playful reference to video game strategies. The film cleverly incorporates composite shots that humorously pay tribute to the mechanics of early 16-bit console gaming. Fans of Zelda and Super Mario World will enjoy the homage to their favorite games. This integration of video game elements adds extra enjoyment for audiences familiar with these beloved games.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

It’s hard to believe that a film as visually stunning and meticulously crafted as Hundreds of Beavers was brought to life by a Wisconsin-based crew. The production team, led by director-VFX artist Mike Cheslik and director-star Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, showcases their talent and dedication to their craft.

The seamless fusion of live-action and animation, the attention to detail in the costume design, and the flawless execution of the gags are a testament to their passion for creating high-energy entertainment.

The Verdict

Hundreds of Beavers
Scene from Hundreds of Beavers

Hundreds of Beavers is a must-see film for fans of slapstick comedy, absurdist humor, and video game enthusiasts. It offers a unique and hilarious cinematic experience with its blend of classic silent cinema, video game references, and Looney Tunes-inspired gags. The captivating performance by Ryland Brickson Cole Tews and inventive gags make it a standout film that will leave audiences laughing out loud. Prepare for a wild and entertaining adventure with Hundreds of Beavers.