Morravey – RAVI (2023 Album Review)

Morravey debut EP 1

Morravey’s debut EP, RAVI, is a cosmopolitan mix of genres, reflecting the diversity of her hometown Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The EP is a fluid and versatile journey through love, her surroundings, and her aspirations.

“WHAT IS LOVE” is a poignant reflection on the complexities of modern love.

“HIGH AGAIN” is a more upbeat and celebratory affair, with Morravey singing about living her best life.

“CONDO” is a laid-back track with a PH vibe, where Morravey sings about her lifestyle and her refusal to be deceived.

“MY BABY” is a traditional love song for weddings and other special occasions, celebrating love and music.

“MAGICIAN” (featuring Davido) tells the story of Morravey’s rise to fame and her success in getting signed to Davido’s label.

Overall, RAVI is a solid debut EP from Morravey. She showcases her versatility as a singer and songwriter, and she is not afraid to experiment with different genres. The EP is also notable for its strong female empowerment message.