Mister Organ: A Documentary Review of a Dangerous Narcissist

Mister Organ is a documentary about a man named Michael Organ, who is described as a “narcissist” and a “manipulator.” The film follows filmmaker David Farrier as he investigates Organ and tries to understand what makes him tick.

Farrier is initially drawn to Organ because of his strange behavior. Organ is known for wheel clamping cars at a local antique store and demanding money from the owners to remove the clamps. He also has a history of legal troubles, including a conviction for stealing a yacht.

As Farrier gets to know Organ, he finds that the man is a constant liar and manipulator. Organ is always changing his stories and making excuses for his behavior. He is also quick to anger and retaliate against anyone who challenges him.

Farrier is still looking into Organ in spite of the risks. He speaks with ex-roommates and friends, who spoke about their own experiences with Organ’s abuse and manipulation. Additionally, Farrier reveals court documents that demonstrate Organ’s involvement in a number of legal disputes.

In the end, Farrier is unable to fully understand Michael Organ. However, he does learn enough to realize that Organ is a dangerous and manipulative person. Farrier urges viewers to be aware of Organ’s type and to avoid him at all costs.


In his frightening film Mister Organ, Farrier examines the deceitful actions of Organ and uses his story to warn viewers against becoming involved with narcissistic people.

Mister Organ is a subpar film with slow pacing, distracting Farrier’s involvement, and unclear answers about Michael Organ’s behavior.

Mister Organ is a compelling and insightful documentary that is a must-watch for those interested in human psychology and the dangers of manipulation.