Kissing Frenzy: How Much is Too Much (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)?

Kissing Frenzy

Hey, wait a second, lovey-doveys! Before you dive into another big kiss, let’s talk about something: how many kisses are too many?

The decision on kisses? It’s up to you. If kisses make you happy like a fluttery butterfly, go for it! But if kisses make you uncomfortable, it’s okay to say no – your face will appreciate it.

So, how many kisses are enough? Some say two, others say “the more, the merrier!” Honestly, it’s about finding that sweet spot between affection and suffocation. Think Goldilocks and kisses, not smooching bears.

Average kiss count? Unless you’re in a rom-com or “The Bachelor,” your lifetime total won’t break the internet. Relax, your pucker’s not going viral (unless it’s epic, then maybe!).

But the questions keep rolling in: how long? Where to put those hands? Where to kiss for girl-approved feels? What guys like? What kisses do to men? Which kiss reigns supreme? Why does kissing matter?

Here’s the truth: Kissing is different for everyone – it’s like a personal tune of lips and likes, unique to each person.

Basically, kissing is something people enjoy together that brings them closer. If both like it, there’s no limit. So, kiss away, have fun, and feel the excitement!

Bonus: try out different ways of kissing, find what you like, and have fun! Kissing isn’t about rules, it’s an adventure!

Remember: communication is key (even amidst the smooching). Talk openly, set boundaries, and always, always prioritize consent. Now go forth and conquer the kissing cosmos!