Kim Kardashian’s Top Skincare Hack for Glowing Skin

Kim Kardashians Top Skincare Hack for Glowing Skin
Photo Credit: Instagram/Kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian has revealed her top skincare hack: mixing a little facial oil into her moisturizer. The 42-year-old reality TV star says this gives her skin a “glowy” look and helps the moisture to hold.

Kardashian also shared her top tip for keeping skin looking good in the fall: extra moisturize and extra exfoliate.

She also explained that her ever-changing style extends to her makeup as well as her clothes. She used to love super matte makeup, but now she prefers a creamy, dewy look.

Kardashian often turns to TikTok for beauty inspiration. She’s not afraid to try new products and trends, even if she doesn’t know how effective they will be. She also asks her aesthetician for advice on the latest trends.