His Hidden Feelings: 7 Clues He’s Crushing on You

Flirty Fun

Instead of doing detective work to figure out if a guy likes you, let’s make it easier! Here are 7 simple signs that will help you know if he’s interested.

Body Language Buzz

Eye Spy: If he looks at you like a lovesick puppy, gets really close, and pays full attention to you while talking about avocado prices, he’s definitely interested!

Touchdown: He’s being really touchy, like nudging your arm or brushing against your hand on purpose. It’s quite obvious he wants to be touchy-feely.

Conversation Confetti

Question Master: He asks follow-up questions, actually listens to your avocado theories, and even cracks jokes about squirrels. He’s engaged, interested, and probably plotting witty comebacks.

Flirty Fun: This guy is really good at playfully teasing, giving light compliments, and making jokes to show he’s interested. Get set to laugh and feel a bit shy (in a nice way!) around him!

Attention Allert

Laser Focus: Forget squirrels (we’ve all been there!), his eyes are locked on you. He doesn’t zone out or get distracted by passing unicorns (seriously, if he sees one, tell us!).

Textual Tango: He initiates chats, replies promptly without needing a nudge, and texts first? Consider this guy a texting champion (and potential love interest!).

Deep Dive Deluxe

Life Story Stalker: He wants to know your favorite color, childhood dreams, and embarrassing 90s boy band crushes? This guy’s digging the deeper stuff, and that’s a good sign!

Mirroring Magic: Ever noticed he starts doing things just like you? It’s like you’re a team of twins! This shows he’s naturally clicking with you without even realizing it.

Proximity Patrol

Social Sidekick: He shows up beside you at events like a friendly guardian angel (wearing jeans, obviously). He just wants to make sure you’re having a good time and sticking together.

Physical Friendliness: He bumps fists, offers his jacket when it’s chilly, or finds excuses to be near you? His comfort level and desire for closeness are clear as day.

Bonus Tip: Consistency is key! If these signs keep popping up like fireworks on the Fourth of July, not just a one-night sparkler, your detective work has paid off. He’s probably smitten!

Remember, trust your gut and enjoy the thrill of the chase. Love should be fun, not a Rubik’s Cube headache. Go forth, decode his signals, and maybe even unlock a happily-ever-after!