Harrysong Calls Out Kcee for Unfair Royalties Distribution

Harrysong Pleads for Fairness in Royalties Dispute with Kcee

Nigerian singer Harrysong took to social media, addressing a heartfelt plea to his former record label boss, Kcee. The “Reggea Blues” crooner expressed deep concern over what he described as unfair treatment regarding his royalties.

In a candid post, Harrysong urged his fans and followers to join him in appealing to Kcee to rectify the situation. “Y’all help me beg him. I deserve what is rightfully mine. It’s not fair him collecting all my royalties 100 percent. Not fair at all. Don’t insult him. Please help me beg him,” he shared.

Highlighting a seven-year period, Harrysong shed light on Kcee allegedly taking 100 percent of the royalties from hit songs like “Reggea Blues,” “Baba for the Girls,” “Samankwe,” “Better Pikin,” and “Ofeshe” — all tracks that significantly contributed to his musical success.

Expressing his distress, Harrysong emphasized the need for fairness, acknowledging Kcee’s role but advocating for what rightfully belongs to him. “I started this by begging, na beg I Dey beg am,” he lamented. “He should at least be fair to give me what is rightfully mine.”

The singer ended his plea with a heartfelt prayer, hoping for equitable treatment and fairness in the industry. Harrysong’s public callout sheds light on the complexities artists face in navigating royalty distribution and fairness within the music business.