“Gawu ooo” – Khaid & Shallipopi’s “Marry” Gets Lit

Khaid Shallipopi Marry
“Marry” by Khaid and Shallipopi Cover Art

“Marry” by Khaid and Shallipopi is the Afrobeats hit song that’s taking over clubs. It poses the age-old issue, “Settle down or stay single?” and is catchy and entertaining.

Khaid boasts about his ladies, from Tiwa Savage to Phyna, while Shallipopi throws shade at “sugar daddies” and “seven Alhajis.” But amidst the swagger, a voice keeps asking, “When will you marry?”

The song’s a playful push-and-pull. Khaid showers his girl with promises of luxury, “three lands” no less! But there’s a hint of doubt. Is it real love, or just the pressure to show off?