Fireboy DML is back with a new love song titled “Oh My”.

Oh My Fireboy

Fireboy DML’s new song “Oh My” is a passionate declaration of love and devotion.

The song is infused with Afrobeat and R&B rhythms, capturing the essence of true love and commitment.

In the song, Fireboy DML promises to shower his lover with gifts and take care of all their needs.

He compares his partner to his “body, soul,” and “better half,” emphasizing the profound impact his lover has on his life.

The song’s chorus, “Oh my, oh my,” serves as a powerful refrain, underscoring the intensity of Fireboy DML’s emotions.

Fireboy DML further expresses his love by admitting his complete dependence on his lover, saying, “Say I no fit love you on my own.”

The song also showcases Fireboy DML’s vocal range and ability, as he switches from low to high notes with ease and flair.

He promises to take his lover on extravagant trips and encourages her to express her style freely.

With lines like “I go pay the bills, no gbege” and “Two hennessy for my bebe,” Fireboy DML reinforces his commitment to providing for his partner and ensuring their happiness.

In the bridge of the song, Fireboy DML expresses his deep affection.

In the final verse, Fireboy DML reiterates his unwavering love, promising to compose a song for his lover and walk her down the aisle.

Throughout the song, Fireboy DML’s passionate vocals and heartfelt lyrics convey the depth of his love for his partner.

“Oh My” is a testament to the power of love, promising devotion, affection, and a lifetime of happiness together.

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