Eismayer Review: A Powerful Tale of Identity, Secrets, and Transformation

“Eismayer” is a film about Charles Eismayer, a drill instructor with a secret, but lacks depth in character evolution due to initial secrecy.

In a modern Austrian military base, Eismayer’s harsh approach clashes with evolving attitudes, but surprisingly shows compassion and support for new recruit Mario Falak.

The film’s complexity is enhanced by the revelation that Eismayer is gay and lives a double life, contrasting Falak’s open embrace of his identity with Eismayer’s hiding.

The movie focuses on narrative beats rather than allowing the characters to fully develop, despite a relationship between two men.

“Eismayer” is a poignant film with a turning point when Eismayer relinquishes control, but its rushed approach leaves viewers wanting a deeper exploration of the characters.

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