Dark Harvest Review: A Moody, Creepy Horror Tale

Dark Harvest is a moody and atmospheric horror film with a unique premise and some stunning visuals. However, it ultimately falls short in its attempt to be more than just a genre flick.

Set in a small town haunted by a legendary monster that rises from the cornfields every Halloween, the film follows a group of teenagers who are tasked with killing the creature. The teens are locked in their bedrooms for three days without food or water, and then released on Halloween night to hunt down the monster.

Director David Slade creates a truly unsettling atmosphere in Dark Harvest. The film is filled with lush visuals and creepy imagery, and the performances are all solid. However, the screenplay is a bit thin and the film’s allegorical elements never fully come to fruition.

Despite its flaws, Dark Harvest is still a worthwhile watch for fans of horror. It’s a unique and stylish film with some genuinely scary moments.

Recommended? Yes, for fans of horror films. However, don’t expect a deep or thought-provoking film.