Blaqbonez NYEM EGO

Photo Credit: “Biko nyem ego!” Visual

Blaqbonez is back with a banger, and “NYEM EGO” delivers a potent mix of braggadocio, introspective bars, and infectious flow. Let’s dissect the lyrics in bite-sized points:


The song starts with worried friends looking for Blaqbonez, who says he’s been feeling down. But is that true?


Blaqbonez takes pride in his hustle, discovering “gold,” and remaining resilient in the face of jealous rivals. The code he speaks symbolizes his hidden skills and strategies.

Blaqbonez throws in fancy names like Balenciaga to show he’s made it big and lives life on the high side.


Blaqbonez’s catchy chorus, sung by Jeriq, keeps asking “Where you been?” like his friends miss him. This makes you wonder what he’s been up to, secretly achieving big things.

“Biko nyem ego” means “Gimme that cash, fam!” It shows Blaqbonez is all about making money – no stopping him on his paper chase!


Blaqbonez gets real in the bridge. He says money comes first, fun later. He also throws in some riddles and hidden meanings to make you think. It adds another layer to the song and keeps it interesting.


Blaqbonez continues to energize the song with a catchy chorus, while pursuing his dreams with money in one hand and a trip to London in the other.


“NYEM EGO” is a straight-up banger for anyone chasing their dreams. It’s catchy, makes you think, and leaves you wanting more. Blaqbonez oozes confidence and spits clever rhymes, whether you’re into the bragging or digging for hidden meanings.

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