Album Review: “Presido La Pluto” by Shallipopi (2023)

Presido la Pluto
Cover Art “Presido La Pluto”

Shallipopi’s debut album “Presido La Pluto” is a diverse and thrilling journey showcasing his versatility and unique style.

The album features 13 songs spanning just over 36 minutes, with each track offering a captivating blend of lyrics and beats.

Versatility: Shallipopi blends different genres and influences to create a sound that is truly his own.

Unique style: Shallipopi’s confident delivery and lyrical prowess shine through on every track.

Storytelling ability: Shallipopi uses his lyrics to convey a range of emotions, from self-confidence to street life, love, and resilience.

Notable Tracks

Never Ever: Shallipopi’s resilience and unwavering spirit shine through on this catchy and empowering track.

Evil Receive: Shallipopi’s raw and compelling delivery makes this track a standout, as he explores the challenges and obstacles one faces in life.

Cast: Shallipopi collaborates with ODUMODUBLVCK to create a dynamic and unique track that delves into themes of unity and solidarity.

More Than Me: Shallipopi explores self-awareness and personal growth in this tune, displaying his reflective side.

Things on Things: Shallipopi tackles critics and doubters in this powerful song with strong, authoritative lyrics.

Oscroh (Pepperline): Shallipopi showcases his wordplay and lyrical prowess on this fusion of intricate rhymes and captivating beats.

Over the Seas: Shallipopi collaborates with Focalistic to bring a fusion of styles and influences to this track, which reflects on the journey and the desire to break boundaries.

Jungle: Shallipopi delves into themes of street life and survival on this track, where his storytelling ability shines through.

Overall, Presido La Pluto is a must-listen for fans of Nigerian music and beyond.