7 Ways Of Letting Him Chase, Not Chasing Him

Confidence Queen
Man Chasing Woman

Tired of playing puppy dog to his aloof cat? Fear not, love adventurer! Flipping the chase script is easier than teaching your dog to fetch a frisbee (well, maybe not, but you get the picture!).

Here’s how to unleash your inner lioness and have him begging for your attention:

Chill the Availability: Remember, absence is like catnip to curiosity. Give him space and watch his desire for you purr louder than a Ferrari engine.

Reciprocity Tango: One-sided chases get tiring fast. If he’s not keeping up with you, maybe it’s time to dance with someone else.

Confidence Queen: Instead of acting like a puppy in love, show him you’re a strong and self-assured person with a life that’s more than just following someone around.

Friend’s Whisper Network: Your friends can see things you might miss. Ask them for advice on how to handle the situation without losing who you are in the process.

Let Go of the Leash: Trying to control the chase is like trying to herd cats. Embrace the mystery and enjoy the thrill of the hunt (without the stress!).

Enigma Enticement: Don’t reveal all your secrets at once. Keep him guessing, intrigued, and pawing for more with your captivating layers.

Remember, It’s a Two-Paw Dance: Keep in mind, relationships are a teamwork of two paws. It shouldn’t be a one-way chase. If he’s not giving back, maybe it’s time to find someone who values your presence (and doesn’t just chew on your socks!).

There you go, brave friend! These tips will make him want your attention like a curious kitten. Remember, you deserve someone who puts in as much effort (or even more) to chase after you. Now, go out there and show your strong side, girl!