7 signs you’re good in bed (No Bragging, Just Facts)

Mutual attraction

Forget awkward fumbles and “was that okay?” whispers. Unleash your inner bedroom beast with these expert-approved signs that scream “sex pro!”

1. Respectful about Permission: Just like asking before using the TV remote, you believe in asking for a big “yes” in the bedroom. Respecting limits and talking openly is how you do it.

2. Master of Pleasure: You’re not a villain; you’re all about pleasure! You pay attention to what your partner likes, just like a wise Jedi, to ensure they’re having a great time – even louder than your doorbell!

3. Confidence Champion: You rock your moves like Beyoncé owning the stage at Coachella. Not cocky, just showing you know what you’re doing (and that it feels amazing).

4. Open to New Things: You’re like an explorer in the bedroom, never sticking to the same old routine. Trying new stuff is your jam, always making sure both of you are on board with it!

5. Communication Jedi: Words are your foreplay. You talk dirty, sweet, and everything in between, creating an atmosphere where desires flow like forbidden wine.

6. Presence Puppet Master: You’re not just there physically, you’re fully present, reading your partner’s every twitch and sigh like a love-letter decoder ring.

7. Intimacy Emperor/Empress: Sex isn’t just a physical workout, it’s a journey to Vulcan. You build trust, vulnerability, and emotional connection, making your bedroom a fortress of intimacy.