17 Playful Signs a Priest is Attracted to You


Well, well, well… If you’re wondering whether a priest has a crush on you, I must say, that’s quite an interesting topic! While it may seem like an unusual inquiry, let’s dive into the realm of humor and imagination.

Now, I must clarify that priests take a vow of celibacy and are committed to their religious duties. However, just for fun’s sake, here are 15 signs that could indicate a priest might have some secret feelings:

1. He frequently mentions your name with extra blessings in his sermons.

2. He mistakenly utters your name instead of “Amen” during prayers.

3. You catch him blushing whenever you’re around.

4. He looks for reasons to be around you more during church gatherings.

5. He starts using lots of love and romantic references in his sermons.

6. He keeps suggesting baptisms for you without a clear reason, perhaps just because he has a strong affinity for holy water.

7. He volunteers to handle exorcisms for anyone who might be a romantic competitor.

8. He emphasizes the significance of forming a unique bond with specific people in the congregation during his sermons.

9. His confessional booth suddenly smells like cologne or breath mints.

10. Anonymous love letters arrive signed by “Your Secret Admirer,” who also happens to be a priest.

11. During mass, he can’t help but gaze into your eyes instead of focusing on the altar.

12. He invites you for one-on-one Bible study sessions that never really involve much Bible studying.

13. During confession, he attentively prolongs the time, keenly listening to every aspect of your life, and perhaps even making notes.

14. You notice him subtly adjusting his collar or straightening his robes whenever you’re near.

15. He includes your favorite hymns in the church playlist, even when they may not be suitable for the event.

16. You get a unique Bible with notes pointing out verses about love and commitment, just for you.

17. If these signs continue despite everything else, consider changing to a different church.

Relax and enjoy the humor! Priests are devoted to their spiritual duties and unlikely to have romantic feelings. Take these signs lightly and find amusement in the playful nature of the topic.