17 Must-Know Rules for Men and the Code to Live By


Get ready, guys! I’m about to share 17 Must-Know rules for being a true manly-man. Are you prepared? Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t wear socks with sandals; it’s a big fashion mistake.

2. Always open doors for others; chivalry lives on, my friends.

3. Share the remote control instead of hogging it. Caring is important, even during TV time.

4. Always work on your leg muscles at the gym; we aim to avoid a disproportionate upper body like a lollipop.

5. Thou shalt always offer your seat to someone in need on public transportation. Unless it’s your arch-nemesis.

6. Learn how to tie a proper necktie knot. Because nothing says “I mean business” like a perfectly knotted tie.

7. Thou shalt know how to change a tire and jump-start a car. It’s like having superpowers in the world of automobiles.

8. Never underestimate the power of good hygiene. A well-groomed man is an irresistible force.

9. Give credit where it’s due; avoid stealing ideas or claiming someone else’s work as your own – that’s not cool.

10. Thou shalt not be afraid to ask for directions when lost. GPS may fail us sometimes, but humility never does.

11. Show respect to your mother and all women. They gave birth to us and deserve admiration and respect.

12. Embrace your inner child from time to time – it keeps life fun and exciting!

13. Never turn down an opportunity for pizza or bacon – these are gifts from above that should never be refused.

14. Avoid overexplaining. People don’t like those who act like they know everything, especially when they really don’t.

15. Listen well; sometimes, lending an ear and offering support is the best course of action.

16. Thou shalt not fear vulnerability. Real strength lies in being open and honest about your emotions.

17. Finally, remember to always be yourself. Authenticity is the key to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

And there you have it, gentlemen! The 17 rules that will guide you on your path to manly greatness. May they serve you well on your journey through life!